LaTeX class file for University of California letters

Ethan Miller at UCSC made a class file for University of California letters. I had to make a couple of small changes, however, to make it work properly for UCSB. I sent a patch to Ethan, but it looks like he didn't find time to apply it, so here is my modified version of the class file.

The version posted here also includes the address of the EECS department at UCI, contributed by Dirk Groenevald.

You need to download ucletter.cls, as well as either ucsealnew.pdf (if you use pdflatex) or ucsealnew.eps (if you use conventional LaTeX).

The file test.tex is an example of how to write a letter. The file test.pdf is the result of running pdflatex on test.tex.

Last updated: 2007-06-10