Vebjorn Ljosa

I am principal software engineer at the drug and vaccine manufacturing startup Resilience.

Previous experience:

My research interests are in distributed systems, databases, index structures, algoriths, and data science (see my publications), but I am an engineer at heart, motivated by building real systems that can manage the complexity and be robust to the curve balls thrown by large, real-world workloads. I thrive when I build and scale cool technology that makes a difference together with a competent and respectful team.


Past teaching

My name

I often get asked how to spell and pronounce my name. My name is spelled "Vebjørn Ljoså" in Norwegian, but I use "Vebjorn Ljosa" outside Norway. I pronounce my name [ˈʋêːˌbjǿɳ ˈljûːsˌóː]. Speakers of English can often come close with "vay-b-yearn lyo-soa". (But if it doesn’t come out quite right, it doesn’t bother me!)

Last updated: 2021-07-13