Software that I maintain

CL-PNG is a Common Lisp library for reading and writing image file in the Portable Network Graphics (PNG) format.

CL-ISBN is a Common Lisp library for parsing, validating, and hyphenating International Standard Book Numbers (ISBNs).

ljosaprobseg is an implementation of Ljosa and Singh's probabilistic segmentation algorithm.

ljosapsj is an implementation of Ljosa and Singh's algorithm for probabilistic spatial join.

Consistent Keyboards is an daemon for Mac OS X that swaps the locations of the Option and Command keys, but only on PC-style keyboards.

isbn.el is an Emacs Lisp library for parsing and hyphenating ISBNs, as well as converting between ISBN-10s and ISBN-13s.

MAP is an implementation of Kahveci, Ljosa, and Singh's algorithm for whole-genome alignment.

xf86-input-evdev-spacefn is a fork of the Xorg input driver that implements the SpaceFn keyboard layout.

urlize.js is a JavaScript port of Django's function for detecting URLs in text and converting them into clickable links.

go-aimdtokenbucket is a Go library that implements the additive-increase/multiplicative-decrease (AIMD) feedback control algorithm.

go-pqueue is a Go library with primitives for processing a simple persistent queue backed by the local filesystem.

pypqueue is a Python library for submitting jobs to go-pqueue.

mailrail reads mail-merge jobs from a persistent queue and sends them via Amazon SES.

magic-powder is a Clojure library for off-heap hash tables backed by memory-mapped files.

Last updated: 2018-10-12