Vebjorn Ljosa


This package contains an implementations of Ljosa and Singh's algorithm for probabilistic spatial join, described in the following paper:

Vebjorn Ljosa and Ambuj K. Singh: "Top-k Spatial Joins of Probabilistic Objects," in Proceedings of the 24th International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE), April, 2008.

The package includes the probabilistic masks (images) and scripts necessary to recreate the data used for the experiments in the paper. See the script for details.

The software is released under the BSD license. See the file LICENSE for details.


The latest version is 1.0, and can be downloaded here:

The individual source code files are available here, in case you would like to take a look at the code before downloading.

Contact Vebjorn Ljosa with any questions.

Last updated: 2007-11-21